We are encouraging both mathematical cryptanalysis on the lightweight authenticated encryption scheme Spook and side-channel cryptanalysis against its protected implementations. Hunt the ghost. Deadlines and prizes are below. Contact us ( if you beat som challenge(s).

Mathematical cryptanalysis 1

We ran a first mathematical cryptanalysis challenge against Spook from October 1, 2019 to February 29, 2020. The best results were found by Patrick Derbez, Paul Huynh, Virginie Lallemand, Leo Perrin, Maria Naya Plasencia and Andre Schrottenloher. They found a rebound distinguisher for the full Shadow and an attack against the integrity of Spook reduced to steps 2 to 5 (so four steps out of six). Details here. Prices will be awarded at FSE 2020.

Mathematical cryptanalysis 2 (to be announced soon)

Side-channel cryptanalysis (to be announced soon)